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RAM Products and Services

RAM is an Engine Overhaul
and Service Center for:


Over 4,000 pressurized piston twins and high performance single-engine aircraft have been updated with one or several of RAM's improvements to either the engines, the airframe, or both.

Over 7,600 FBOs are contacted annually with RAM new product literature and illustrated parts catalogs.

In turn, FBOs are purchasing over five million dollars in new parts, PMA new parts, overhauled parts, and new propellers from RAM each year.


Anticipating a need for RAM's additional horsepower, you can usually purchase one RAM OHE TSIO-520 engine at a time, as applicable to your existing engine hp.

When the second RAM OHE engine, RAM STCs, applicable upgrade accessories, and parts are installed, the first RAM OHE engine can then be set up to match the higher power of the newest and second engine. Shipped or installed!

Our Mission

The mission of RAM Aircraft is to provide quality airplane products and services to professional maintenance facilities and owners of piston-engine aircraft, and to serve these customers while continuing to uphold our legacy of quality and service. In order to accomplish this, we provide quality overhauled engines, both installed on-site and shipped worldwide, as well as aircraft upgrade packages and new propellers, and are both a manufacturer of PMA-new parts and a global distributor of factory-new and PMA-new parts for Continental and Lycoming aircraft engines. We continue to engineer excellence through the development, approval, and production of both Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) parts. We are committed to quality, reliability, and honesty, and believe that adherence to these values yields exceptional product performance and builds customer loyalty.


Working daily with high performance
CMI 520 and 550-series engines for Cessna and Beech airplanes, RAM’s aircraft mechanics have learned the many nuances of servicing these models effectively, details learned only through time and the experience of specialization.

Resale Value

The resale value of RAM improved aircraft continues to surpass that of non-upgraded counterparts – typically because of RAM's additional horsepower, useful load, and engine reliability. When combined, these added value features provide for improved takeoff and landing performance, better rate-of-climb, and higher cruise speeds.

Customer Service

We are accessible.
You call, people answer.
You get prompt access to the people
you need. RAM Customer Service is a full-time department staffed by experienced multi-engine pilots who are also aircraft mechanics.

They are available to assist customers and FBOs with questions about RAM OHE engine set-ups, RAM OHE engine operation procedures, or RAM’s TBO Warranty Support Program.

TBO Warranty
Support Program

RAM Customer Service Managers ensure that RAM provides a TBO Warranty Support Program that is second to none, period. You are always welcome to ask for a free copy of the engine or parts warranty that is applicable to your RAM OHE engine or RAM-supplied parts. For more information regarding RAM's TBO Warranty Support Program go to...

The RAM Advantage
The RAM logo has become an icon within the General Aviation Industry, symbolizing the industry’s acceptance of RAM as an institution within it. RAM has specialized in after-market engineering and marketing of new and improved products that enhance both engine and aircraft performance for specific engines, piston twins and high-performance singles.

RAM specializes in the overhaul of CMI IO-520, IO-550, TSIO-520 and GTSIO-520 engines for aircraft such as Cessna 300 and 400-series piston / pressurized twins, Beech Barons 58, 58P and 58TC, Bonanza A36, F33, A36TC, B36TC, and Cessna T210/T206 high-performance singles.

Customer Service Managers have management authority to ensure satisfaction. Because they serve as customer service managers full time, they are easily accessible to you for questions about engine operations, power settings, oil service tips, engine installation procedures, engine set-up, and all the many RAM PMA and STC products. Typically they fly daily in an aircraft of your series, thus offering you a tremendous source of information about operation and service. Their computerized files keep good information available on your aircraft's parts and service history.

RAM maintains a full-time Parts Sales Department. Parts department staff members have aircraft maintenance experience, they understand aircraft parts, and they can communicate knowledgeably. They can quickly identify parts, cross reference, and provide same-day parts shipments.

Qualified licensed inspectors can precisely prepare necessary international paperwork for shipment of engines and parts on a worldwide basis.

Communication is a priority at RAM. Phone lines, multiple fax numbers, website, in-house server, T-1 lines, active e-mail with PDF attachments, and the annual distribution of a color, illustrated RAM Parts Catalog enables RAM to offer service and information to over 6,500 aviation maintenance facilities worldwide - tracked by RAM's computer as currently active customers.

Leading aviation industry trade publications typically present RAM with the same level of recognition afforded much larger companies. RAM is prominently listed in: “Jane’s World Book of Aviation,” “Aircraft Blue Book Price Digest,” and “Vref - Aircraft Value Reference.” These publications list only major aviation manufacturers and specialty centers. Maintaining this level of visibility adds to the value of your investment and can enhance the resale value of your airplane.

RAM sales include overhauled CMI engines, aircraft upgrades with higher (or later model) horsepower engines and new propellers, RAM engineered winglet installations, PMA-new parts and RAM PMA-new parts. Overhauled engines and STC'd engine and aircraft upgrade packages are installed by RAM in Waco, Texas. They are also sold weekly to aircraft maintenance facilities in the form of complete Dealer Field Installation Kits -- shipped worldwide.

In-Stock Ready to Ship - 7th day engine shipment is a RAM goal that is leading the industry. RAM is committed to shipping an in-stock engine out on the 7th working day after order placement. RAM ships its OHE engines from an inventory of about 30 In-Stock Ready to Ship engines. The engine inventory is reviewed weekly. Engines are maintained in in a controlled environment and are specific to the types of aircraft RAM specializes in servicing. To date, RAM is maintaining a 97% level of performance shipping out on the 7th working day.

New parts, PMA-new parts, and propeller sales feature factory overhauled, vendor overhauled, PMA-new, and RAM PMA-new parts. RAM has obtained PMAs for over 800 RAM PMA parts that are needed to support Cessna and Beech aircraft. Propeller sales involve selling, shipping, and installing both new Hartzell and new McCauley propellers, along with their applicable installation STCs.

RAM holds over 113 engine, airframe, and propeller-related STCs. Both in-house and retained engineers, DERs, and DARs enable RAM to maintain an envied expertise in applying for and certifying FAA-approved enhancements to both engines and airframes. RAM documents all STCs and engineered improvements with well-prepared and FAA-approved Supplemental Flight Manuals, equal to or better than OEM publications.

RAM’s newest propeller upgrade is an improved new Hartzell propeller and installation STCs for the Cessna 421C.

RAM is committed to product support - new concepts, later-model upgrade improvements, and durable replacement parts. Professionally qualified multi-engine pilots and aircraft mechanics work one-on-one with pilots, aircraft operators, aircraft mechanics, and installing FBO service managers to ensure quality and reliability in all that we sell and service.

Because RAM has specialized, RAM has been able to maintain a highly-respected level of expertise -- sharing it through the development and distribution of maintenance manuals, product bulletins, and an in-depth website which is maintained at RAM on a daily basis as needed.

RAM's marketing and advertising services, RAM's well-qualified marketing, advertising, and graphic arts team is capable of providing concept to completion sales and customer service literature. Well over two- hundred documents are maintained and updated in-house on an annual basis.

Founded in 1976, RAM has always focused on improving various Cessna and Beech piston twins by installing improved or higher horsepower engines that became standard on later factory production aircraft, aircraft that essentially shared similar design characteristics with the early models. RAM improvements are based upon DER and DAR engineered designs, flight testing, detailed documentation, and FAA approvals.

RAM is committed to improvements, introducing numerous new features and benefits for airplanes produced prior to such better parts, engines, or propellers being available. RAM has updated or shipped OHE engines and STCs to more than half of the piston-engine twins manufactured by Cessna between 1970 and 1984.


  • 2016 – RAM completes repair specs on on direct drive oil pumps and PMA pushrod tubes.
  • 2015 – RAM introduces the first new Superior Milliennium Cylinders with a nickel carbide bore.
  • 2014 – On February 3rd, 2014, RAM Aircraft is presented with the Federal Aviation Administration's Award of Excellence for participating in the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. RAM received the highest level of award, the "Diamond Award" for having 100% of their eligible employees receive AMT individual awards in a single year. It took over 500 hours of training to achieve this award. RAM is committed to ensuring our staff are well trained and skilled technicians.
  • 2009RAM Aircraft Receives ODA Approval! January 14th, 2010 RAM Aircraft, LP has been appointed an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • 2008 RAM Aircraft Announces OHE Engine Conversion STC Package for Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron aircraft. This performance enhancing STC converts existing
    CMI IO-520-B, -BA, or -BB engine to an OHE CMI IO-550-B engine or converts existing
    CMI IO-520-C or -CB engine to an IO-550-C engine. With this conversion, an increase in performance from 285 hp to 300 hp is achieved.
  • 2007RAM Aircraft Receives DAS Status! In a ceremony with Federal Aviation Administration Manager S. Frances Cox of the Special Certification Office, Southwest Region, RAM Aircraft LP of Waco Texas became the newest company to be authorized as a Designated Alteration Station (DAS) under order number DAS-700100-SW.
  • 2007 – RAM introduces new state-of-the-art propeller technology for your Cessna T206, T207, and T210 Airplanes. The new Hartzell ScimitarPlus SE propeller. This propeller latest in propeller technology for turbocharged Cessna 200-series aircraft. Built by
    Hartzell, flight tested and backed by RAM, and STC approved by the FAA.
  • 2004 – RAM is first to introduce Hartzell’s new design and manufacturing technology propeller and installation STC for both Cessna 421B and 421C aircraft.
  • 2001 – RAM is the first to introduce Hartzell’s new technology ScimitarPlus Blended Airfoil design propellers, standard on RAM 325 hp and 335 Series IV, VI, and VII models of RAM upgraded Cessna 340/A, 414, and 414A-series airplanes.
  • 1998 – Nickel+Carbide bore New Cylinder package introduced by RAM and incorporated
    as standard across the entire RAM engine overhaul product line - both direct drive and
    geared engines. Over 21,300 RAM nickel new cylinders installed to date, none showing signs of premature wear or rust. One of, if not the most significant improvement ever introduced to the piston-engine industry.
  • 1998 – RAM Series VII 335 horsepower engines certified, including advanced design induction air and intercooler air scoops, larger turbocharger, intercooler, and cowl flaps. Certification of the Series VII package followed for Cessna 340 and Cessna 414 models.
  • 1996 – Two year proof-of-concept engineering installation program with a major automobile manufacturer. Installed a four-litre V8 automobile engine in a single-engine Piper aircraft. RAM 200-hour flight testing program proved the installation and performance expectations valid.
  • 1990 – RAM engineered Vortex Generators and introduced them for installation on Cessna 300 and 400-series twins. RAM features all VGs installed parallel to each other vs. a crisscross installation. Parallel placement helps reduce drag by about 1.5 knots.
  • 1989 – CMI Factory New TSIOL-550A Liquid-cooled Voyager 350 hp engine installation certified for Cessna 414A Chancellor including new design McCauley propellers. Cooperative development program initiated at the request of Teledyne Continental Motors
    to establish proof-of-concept to the major aircraft manufacturers. Thirty-six liquid-cooled
    installation pairs were installed by RAM and remain actively maintained by RAM today.
  • 1984 – RAM Engineered Winglets and 300 lbs. Gross Weight increase certified for Cessna 414A. Followed by certification of winglets for Cessna 421C in 1986. All based upon sound NASA aeronautical principles and engineering concepts.
  • 1981 – Hartzell Q-tip Propeller and 325 Horsepower Engine Package certified on Cessna 340/A. Quieter and more productive. Well-engineered and manufactured.

RAM Aircraft, LP • 7505 Karl May Drive • P.O. Box 5219 • Waco, TX 76708
Phone: (254) 752-8381 • Fax: (254) 752-3307 • www.ramaircraft.com