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Value Options and Compliance Items
Value Options
Engine Control Cables
Engine control cables are often marginally functional due to permanent bends, binding, heat induced distortion, crimping and general wear from dirt and grime. RAM offers PMA-new throttle, propeller, and mixture cables at a value savings in the best interest of both customer and RAM. (cowl flap and alternate air cables extra)
Cessna: 310R, T310, 320, 340, 340A, 402B, 402C, 414, and 414A.
Installed - [ each ] during twin engine R.O.I installation at RAM: $1,150
Installed - [ all six ] during twin engine R.O.I installation at RAM: $5,929
Heavy-duty Teflon™ Hose Kits - Per Aircraft
Optional Teflon™ hose kits offer additional integrity and strength. They include an integral firesleeve. RAM recommends replacing hydraulic hoses and air conditioner hoses while the engine nacelles and airframe are open for installation access.
Note: Teflon™ Hose Kits are standard on most RAM Series I, IV, VI, VII ( R.O.I. ) Installation Packages.
Fuel, Oil, Hydraulics and Air Conditioning Teflon™ Hoses - Per Aircraft
Fuel and Oil
  Air Conditioning  
421C $4,907
$1,198 421C $435
421B $4,998     421B $545
414A $3,856
$1,044 414A $570
414A - Series V $6,257
414A - Series V
[ Included in $6,257 ]
414A - Series V $562
414A - Series VII $3,440
414A - Series VII
$1,031 414A - Series VII $570
414 $3,480     414 $652
404 Titan $3,530 404 $757 404 $500
402C $2,490
$1,044 402C $566
402B $2,600        
335 $2,624     335 $566
340 $3,501     340 $700
340A $3,112     340A $681
310R $1,789        
T310 $2,756        
T210 $1,870        
T206 $1,851        
A36 520/550 $1,453        
F33A/C 520/550 $974        
A/B36TC $1,965        
Baron E55 $1,868        
Baron 58 '70 - '83 $2,177        
Baron 58 '84+ $2,214        
Baron 58P $3,864     Baron 58P $544
Baron 58TC $3,864     Baron 58TC $544
Champion SlickSTART™ for Slick Magnetos
Direct drive engines. Improve engine starting, hot or cold, by unleashing a burst of ignition energy during initial engine crank, up to 340% more power to the plugs during engine start. Installed - Per twin engine airplane. $1,670 - New outright
Fine Wire Spark Plugs (*Air Cooled Engines Only)
Made of iridium alloy, these spark plugs produce a more efficient spark for extended plug life and better engine performance. Upgrade from standard massive plugs to fine wire spark plugs. Per engine - new: $840
Engine Mount Kits (per engine) Factory & PMA new engine shock mounts
Beechcraft Bonanza - C33A, E33A/C, F33A/C, G33, S35, V35A/B, 36, A36, A36TC, V35TC & V35A-TC (J10520-1): $788
Beechcraft - C24R, C55, C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A & 58 (J10778-16): $1,064
Beechcraft Baron - 58P & 58TC (J12453-12): $788
Cessna - P210 w/ four point engine mount: $2,243 • Cessna - P210 w/ six point engine mount: $4,088
Cessna - T210 001-64897 & TU206: $1,847
Cessna - 310R, T310P/Q/R, 320D/E/F, 335, 340, 340A, 401/A/B, 402A/B/C, 414, & 414A (J9613-58): $1,040
Cessna - 404 & 421A/B/C (J9613-54): $1,168
Cirrus - SR22 4-Point Mount (96301-01): $1,640
Cirrus - SR22 6-Point Mount (96301-01): $2,460
Vortex Generators - RAM Engineered
At slow speeds, RAM VG’s better manage the boundary layer airflow across the wings and tail allowing for lower stall speeds and reduced Vmc. [ For 340/A; 414; 414A; 402C; and 421C ]
[ Standard on many of the RAM ( R.O.I ) Upgrade Installation Packages. ]
Installed during a RAM ( R.O.I. ) Engine Installation Package: $1,699
Power-Pac™ Spoilers

Power-Pac Spoilers improve descent rate by reducing lift and increasing drag at the touch of a button. They may be deployed at any speed up to Vne yielding faster descent rates without the need for a major and sudden power change - reducing the potential for engine shock-cooling or loss of cabin pressure. Hydraulic actuated, Power-Pac™ spoilers are fail-safe with auto retract, and they are operational in icing conditions. Deployment is even under all air loads. System weight is under 20 lbs. Working pressure is at 950 psi.
Time to deploy is 2 to 4 seconds. Electrical requirement is 24 volts DC @ 9.5 Amps.
Available for: T310R, 340, 340A, 414, 414A, 402C, 421B and 421C.
Notes: ( 1 ) T310R must have Micro AeroDynamic VG’s installed. ( 2 ) 340/A and 421B may not install spoilers if Robertson STOL Kit is installed. Installed concurrent with a RAM ( R.O.I ) Engine Installation Package: $12,100
Airplane with RSTOL: $13,400
Baron: $12,100

Preheat: E-Z Heat Engine Heater

Applied directly on the bottom of the oil sump. Two models available: single pad or two-pad.
Reduces engine wear and enhances flow of oil to vital components.
Heats 12 quarts of oil from -40°F to +60°F one hour. Uses less than 300 watts.
Heats entire engine in about 4 hours. No STC required.
Installed during engine build-up with prior notice: Single Pad...$169 Two Pads.....$199

Vacuum Pumps - Tempest - PMA New
Typically a condition change item, new Tempest dry vacuum pumps include factory warranty.
Tempest AA442CW - new - each - exchange: $1,535
New Crankcase and New Crankshaft - Options
RAM can typically purchase new crankcases and new crankshafts at a significant savings due to our production level and purchasing volume. RAM is willing to pass along such savings. We encourage you to ask us about the current pricing and upgrade fee to optionally install a new crankcase or a new crankshaft while your RAM OHE engine is being assembled.
Cessna Twins - New Exhaust System - exchange

Cessna 310R, 340, 340A, 414, 414A, 402B, 402C, and 421B. Sold complete on an exchange basis. Replace turbo wye, exhaust risers, exhaust elbows, elbow from the wye to wastegate, slip joints, turbocharger overboard exhaust tailpipe, wastegate overboard pipe, and exhaust clamps. Both Inconel and/or Stainless Steel parts used per customer’s agreement and market availability at time of installation. Ask a RAM Sales Representative to review the current status of new exhaust parts and prices. Call Us.

Beech Baron 58P/TC - New Exhaust System - ROI exchange
Complete PMA New Exhaust System, from risers to overboard pipe, including clamps. Price installed at RAM when purchased with a RAM OHE engine per engine - exchange: $7,063

New Cleveland Brakes - Replace or Upgrade
Replace original factory equipment 3 puck brakes with new Cleveland 4 puck system which includs new discs and wheels. Four puck brakes reduce braking time and distance, and they improve brake reliability along with improving braking smoothness.
This is an Upgrade for original equipment 3 puck Cessna 340/A and 414 models.
This is a replacement new for Cessna 414A and 421C models.
Cleveland - 4 puck system per airplane: Pair - New outright - Installed: $5,716
Pressurized Magnetos - Cessna 421 ( GTSIO-520-H & GTSIO-520-L engines )
CMG / Bendix OHE S6LN1251-right and CMG / Bendix OHE S6LN1255-left.
These pressurized magnetos hold up to 3.1 PSI pressurization differential within the magneto to help reduce internal arcing caused by the thinner atmosphere at altitude.
Available for GTSIO-520-H & -L. Upgrade fee to pressurize mags: add / per engine: $420
Note: ( -N engines: additional requirements and fees are involved. You are welcome to ask for details.)
Seventh Seat - Cessna 340/A
RAM engineered, this 7th seat installation kit and STC allows for installing a seat belt on the aft baggage shelf, enabling a person to sit in that area. No seat provided. Typically 7th seat is cushion similar to those used for sporting events. RAM 7th seat kit includes reinforcement webs for beefing up the area below the shelf, hard points, hardware, drawings, placards, a seat belt assembly, and STC. Seat belt color / choice is as available in gray or black.
Installed during a RAM R.O.I.: $1,112
Induction Air Scoops - Cessna 414A
Following the recommendations of Cessna Service Letter ME80-32, applicable to Cessna 414A-0001 to 414A-0524, an external air scoop should be installed to collect additional induction air vs. the limited amount being collected by the original flush style NACA scoop. RAM’s standard paint is Matterhorn white. Series IV - 325 hp customers need to purchase these scoops if a Cessna kit has not yet been installed - Optional.
( Not needed on a RAM Series VII installation which includes RAM's dual scoops, standard. )
Installed and painted - per airplane: Call for pricing and availability

New Larger Nose Bowls for early Cessna 414s and 340s. New Nose Bowl Replacements for later Cessna 414s, 340As, 310s, 320s and 402s.

Improve Engine Cooling Install larger nose bowls on engine cowlings of early model of Cessna 414s, 340s, 310s, 320s and 402s or upgrade your old worn out ones. New nose bowls are painted to match the nose bowls removed. [ up to three colors painted ]
Cessna 340 -0001 thru 340-0555 new - exchange/airplane/during RAM engine installation: $6,670

Replacement Sets
Aircraft with larger nose bowls can repair them by installing new sets.
Cessna 414 -0601 and Up -- new - exchange / airplane / during RAM engine installation: $6,670
Cessna 340A --new - exchange / airplane / during RAM engine work installation: $6,670

Zero Fuel Weight Kit
Zero fuel weight kit installation is required for all Cessna 414A winglet airplanes. ZFW Kit installed at the time of engine and winglet installation at RAM. Add $3,860
Replacement Scoops for RAM Series Cessna 340/340A/414 Airplanes
When replacing engine beams on a Cessna 340,340A, or 414, it is common to need to replace one or both scoops. If the scoop needs to be replaced during beam work, add: $5,705 per side.
Compliance Items
Crankcase and Crankshaft
  • Older style light crankcase must be upgraded to heavy style crankcase. Call For Current Pricing [New crankcases are optionally available. Prices vary
    during the year, but typically are available at RAM’s
    purchase savings, which offers you a significant value.]
  • Crankshaft Upgrade: RAM only uses large diameter VAR crankshafts. If the exchanged core crankshaft is not a large diameter VAR crankshaft additional upgrade charges apply. Ask your RAM Sales Consultant for current prices.
Wing Rib Improvement Kit SK414-8E
Cessna 340/A & 414 - Series VI & VII
Applicable to: 340-0001 - 340A-0002 and 414-0001 - 414-0802.
Cessna Service Bulletin ME76-2 requires installation of Wing Rib Improvement Kit SK414-8E. When installing a RAM 335 hp Series VI or VII engine upgrade package, useful load is increased +415 lbs. The STC requires that kit SK414-8E be installed on the aircraft.
To install, per airplane: $8,833
Propeller Unfeathering Accumulators
Older prop unfeathering accumulators can significantly contaminate the engine oil supply. Older accumulators will be disabled during the RAM engine installation unless newer units are installed. ( Core Charge $400 ) Per engine - OHE - each $875
Cessna 402C and Cessna 414A
Cessna SK414 -19B Engine Beam Service Kit
  • Cessna AD97-26-16 is applicable to all Cessna 402C and 414A aircraft, the only exceptions being the last six 414As manufactured which included the changes
    at the factory, 414A-1207 thru 414A-1212. Different Service Kits are applicable to SK414-19B depending on individual airplanes by serial number and their current
    level of compliance with SK414-17. RAM can advise.
  • All RAM Series VII Cessna 414A upgrades must have the Cessna AD 97-26-16
    in full compliance before installing RAM engineered stainless steel straps.
    Installing Cessna SK414-19B:
    • Cessna 414A0001 thru 414A0646 Without SK414-17 Beam Kit
    • Cessna 414A0001 thru 414A0646 With SK 414-17 Beam Kit
    • Cessna 414A0647 thru 414A1212 Install SK414-19 Beam Kit
    • Cessna 402C0001 thru 402C0468 Without SK414-17 Beam Kit
    • Cessna 402C0001 thru 402C0468 With SK 414-17 Beam Kit
    • Cessna 402C0469 thru 402C0808 Install SK414-19 Beam Kit
    RAM must request a current quote of price and availability from Cessna due to constant changes at Cessna.

    RAM is glad to e-mail its PDF "Cessna SK414A-19 Engine Beam Kit Information"
Auxiliary Fuel Pump Wiring Modification
Cessna MEB88-3 Revision 2

Applicable to and recommended for all twin Cessna airplanes. Required for all 414A airplanes to be upgraded to RAM Aircraft Series VII. This improvement upgrades the auxiliary fuel pump switch in Cessna 310, 320, 335, 340, 340A, 401, 402, 411, 414, 414A, and 421 airplanes. Cost for installation (parts and labor) at RAM Aircraft in Waco, TX in conjunction with two engine installation projects are:

Installed Per Airplane
310, 320, and 335 (SK310-104B1)
340-0001 thru 340-0555 (SK310-104B2)
340A-0001 thru 340A-0469 (SK310-104B2) (SK340-18B / if not installed)
$1,810 / $1,283
340A-0470 thru 340A-4817 (SK310-104B2) $1,810
402 / 404 (SK414-138D1)
414 (SK421-138D2) / (add SK414-11A / if not installed)
$2,067 / $1,283
414A (SK421-138D1)
421B (SK421-138D1) / (SK421-82B / if not installed)
$2,067 / $1,283
421C (SK421-138D1)
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