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Engine Overhaul Specifications

RAM OHE GTSIO-520 engine - exchange
  • Engine dynamic parts and tolerances overhauled within new limits per CMG overhaul manual, or better per RAM specifications.
  • Certified crankcase housing used that meets RAM’s standards for application and installation of new internal parts or parts overhauled to new limit tolerances - OHE
  • Comply with all AD’s.
  • Comply with Service Bulletins through category three (3) including SBM90-12, and CSB94-4C, and CMG SIL98-9.
  • Applicable steel parts
    magnaflux inspected.
  • All engine counterweights, gears and castings replaced as required.
  • New - Rod & rocker arm bushings, bearings, seals, valve springs, valve keepers, intake & exhaust valves.
  • Cylinders - RAM New Steel Cylinder Package - NE
  • Intake valve guides - with improved
    oil control seals.
  • Cylinders - flow and volumetric efficiency assured by RAM vendor specifications.
  • Connecting rod cap to rod mating surfaces resurfaced and honed to new limit tolerances.
  • All grind areas are steel shot peened.
  • Rods are balanced for both total weight and end weight to within one (1) gram maximum weight variance between the heaviest and lightest per set of six rod assemblies.
  • Balance: pistons & rings by vendor specs; pins RAM specs. - exchange
  • Reference lines, push rod housing and applicable external steel
    hardware - cadmium plated.
  • External aluminum parts-
    primed and painted.
  • Crankcase - w/7th studs on heavy style case, like heavy core case required - OHE
  • Propeller shaft, quill shaft and reduction gear - OHE
  • Camshaft - NE
  • Crankshaft to new limit tolerances at std., or .010 under.
  • Crankshaft assembly built-up to comply with SBM90-12 with new or corrected counterweights, bushings, and pins.
  • Crankshaft assembly with counterweights, bushings, pins and internal gears installed - balanced. RAM specification - OHE
  • Propeller shaft is trued and crankshaft seal is reconditioned.
  • CMG Maintenance Manual M-0 through bolt service bulletin complied with alternate STC compliance.
  • Cylinder pad through bolts - new

OHE = Overhauled Exchange
NE = New Exchange - OEM or PMA
New = New Outright - OEM or PMA
New Items = Subject to test time,
ferry time and inventory time.

Cylinder Upgrade Options
• Upgrade CMG cylinders to nickel: $1,700 per engine.
• Ask your RAM Representative for current market prices for CMG NiC3 cylinders.
Fine Wire Spark Plugs
Made of iridium alloy, these spark plugs produce a more efficient spark for extended plug life and better engine performance. Upgrade from standard massive plugs to fine wire spark plugs. Per engine - new: $840
Accessory Specifications:
  • Applicable where item is included in specific engine sales package.
  • Starter and starter drive - OHE
  • CMG/Bendix Magnetos - OHE
  • Magneto Harness - new
  • Spark plugs - new
  • Turbocharger - balance to Mfr.'s specifications - OHE
  • Turbo controller - OHE
  • Overboost relief valve - OHE
  • Fuel injection system - OHE
  • Intercooler - cleaned and pressure tested - exchange
  • Induction couplings - new
  • Air filter - new
  • Oil cooler: Flushed and inspected - exchange
  • Oil filter - new
  • Oil pressure relief valve kit
    and spring - new
  • Metal baffles refurbished and painted. Gaps sealed.
  • Baffle seals - RAM SureStand - red silicone rubber - new
  • Specifications applicable to RAM’s overhaul of GTSIO-520-H, -L, -N, and -M engines, with necessary adjustments for cylinders, fuel system, induction and turbocharger systems as applicable.
  • Subject to Change:
    Specifications are subject to change due to availability of PMA new or factory new parts; vendor, factory, or RAM overhauled parts; or re-use of low time parts at customer’s request. As applicable to RAM’s FAA approved DER, DAR, STC and PMA authority, parts or procedure changes will be made at RAM’s discretion when in the customer’s best interest.

OHE = Overhauled Exchange
NE = New Exchange - OEM or PMA
New = New Outright - OEM or PMA
New Items = Subject to test time,
ferry time and inventory time.

Not Included:
Vacuum pump, alternator, tach generator, hoses, exhaust risers or exhaust parts are not included with the RAM OHE engine unless specified by a RAM Work Order Supplement.
Exchange Cores - Return Policy:
  • Engine, crankshaft, crankcase, exhaust, accessories, propeller, governor, and hardware items are only sold on an exchange basis, based upon the customer’s exchange of like type and normal run-out cores as removed from subject aircraft, and serviceable to RAM’s engine overhaul specifications.
  • Cores should be returned within 30 days of RAM engine shipment and immediately with RAM installation.
  • Non-serviceable core fees may be due and payable to RAM. Your engine or RAM product may be delivered prior to verification of exchanged cores.
  • If cores are found non-serviceable, the applicable non core fee will be invoiced with payment due to RAM within 30 days.
RAM Overhauled Engine TBO Warranty:

100% Engine and accessories, for the 1st year, or 500-hrs, whichever occurs first. Thereafter, the engine only is warranted on a prorata basis to TBO at RAM’s reduced minimum accrual rate of only 30 hours per month, thus extending coverage over four years. For complete details go to www.ramaircraft.com/ramtbowarranty

Unfeathering Accumulator:
Older prop unfeathering accumulators contaminate engine oil supply. Existing unfeathering accumulators will be disabled, unless replaced with newer units.
OHE: $875 / each [ Core charge: $400 / each ]
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