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RAM Aircraft, LP is proud to announce the publishing of its latest aircraft parts catalog. With over 100 illustrated color pages of various new, PMA – new, and factory overhauled parts for a wide variety of aircraft such as Beechcraft Bonanza, Baron, Cessna high-performance 300 and 400 series twins and singles. Some of the many products included are RAM overhauled replacement CMI engines, IO-520, IO-550, TSIO-520, and GTSIO-520, aircraft upgrade packages, aircraft and engine STCs, new and overhauled nickel cylinders, complete exhaust systems, induction parts, air filters, hose kits, oil coolers, baffle material and kits, turbochargers, de-ice boots, propeller upgrade packages, control cables, avionics, heaters, and more. RAM also provides a FREE same-day AOG parts express service for times when you need parts fast.

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RAM Parts and Accessory Warranty Policy:

RAM warrants that all current production parts and other products sold by RAM shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service until one year from the date of installation on the aircraft if, and only if, the following conditions are met:

1. The unit and warranty claim, with all requested information properly supplied, has been returned to RAM within 30 days of the product defect date. Units must not be disassembled and must be in “as removed” condition.

2. No substitute parts shall have been installed in the product without prior authorization of RAM, Waco, Texas.

3. The product shall not have been disassembled, repaired, or altered outside of RAM, unless expressed written prior authorization was granted.

4. The product shall not have been subject to misuse, accident, or improper installation unless proof is submitted to the satisfaction of RAM that such abuse was not a cause for the claimed defect.

RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package
RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package cylinder assembly is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship (parts and labor) under normal use and service for a period of one year following the date of shipment from RAM. After one year, the warranty is pro-rata to that of the manufacturer’s recommended time between overhaul (TBO) for the engine with a minimum accrual of 40 hours per month.

RAM further warrants each RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package nickel process cylinder bore to remain free of corrosion and wear beyond service limits in normal operating conditions during TBO, or for a period of five (5) years following date of shipment from RAM, whichever occurs first. RAM’s obligation will be to repair cylinders with new limits nickel process bores and issue a new set of rings. This process does not include labor costs.

Limitations and Exclusions
1. The sole responsibility and liability of RAM and your exclusive remedy under this claim arising out of, connected with, or resulting from, this sale of the performance or breach of any condition or warranty thereunder, or from the manufacture, delivery, or use of the product shall be the repair of, or replacement, or credit for the defective product at RAM’s option.

2. In no event, whether as a result of a breach of contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, shall RAM be liable for any special, consequential, or penal damages or expenses, including, but not limited to, costs of substitute products, facilities, or services, downtime, or costs or claims of third parties for such damages or expenses.

3. Parts, or other products, sold and distributed by RAM may have further warranty that applies. The warranty solution most favorable to the customer will be processed by RAM.

Specific Terms
1. The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the subject part or accessory. Associated charges including, but not limited to, labor, transportation, exporting, and troubleshooting are specifically excluded. RAM's issuance of a replacement part, prior to RAM's receipt of your subject core exchange warranty part, does not excuse you of returning the subject part to RAM within 30 days and at your expense, per associated charges statement above.

2. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all warranties or remedies whether written, oral, implied, or statutory. Any and all implied warrantless or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, course of dealing or usage of trade are hereby expressly disclaimed and excluded. RAM may, at its discretion, issue a replacement part, such not being an acceptance or acknowledgement of any warranty, or discrepancy, or failure of any other part so prior dispensed by RAM.

3. Acceptance of the product by you shall constitute your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms, provisions, limitations, and exclusions set forth herein. Such terms, provisions, limitations, and exclusions shall not be modified, deleted, or supplemented except by an express written acknowledgement of RAM.

4. No person, or reseller, is authorized to give any other warranty or to assume any other warranty or to assume any additional obligation or liability on behalf of RAM.

5. RAM as described herein is RAM Aircraft, Limited Partnership, McLennan County, Waco, Texas. You and your as described herein is the person or persons, organization, or company that is the end user of RAM parts or products on aircraft or aircraft apparatus for which the original part or product was intended when manufactured and so sold by RAM.

6. Use of RAM parts or products on experimental aircraft, or other non FAA certified aviation apparatus, or other worldly mechanical devices, may at RAM’s discretion be determined to be misuse without any warranties or remedies, such non-approved usage of subject part to be at your sole risk and remedy.

RAM OHE Engine and Propeller Warranty
RAM OHE engine or OHE engine package warranty is a separate warranty. Please ask for a copy. McCauley and Hartzell new propeller warranty is a McCauley and Hartzell factory warranty.
Please ask for a copy.

RAM Parts Business Terms:

RAM Aircraft has been including new and PMA new parts in RAM's OHE CMI
TSIO-520 and GTSIO-520 series engines since 1976. By using new and better parts, often leading the way, RAM performance improvements have become a hallmark in general aviation. RAM offers quality parts that are contributing to improved engine reliability and aircraft safety.
We are committed to extending the service life of piston twins and high performance singles.

Products and Pricing:
Products and prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. Parts, descriptions, and prices are based upon the best information available up through catalog publication date April, 2005. Please confirm price at the time of your confirmed order.

Parts, STCs and Availability:
Parts are subject to availability at the time of receipt of your confirmed order.
Parts involving STC paperwork may require an additional day for processing.
Parts involving International shipments may require three additional working days
to process export documentation.

Core Policy:
Where applicable to exchange basis sales, the core charge is to be paid along with part price at time of purchase and shipment. Exchange core is requested promptly, to arrive at RAM within 30 days of part shipment. Credit refund for receipt of exchange core will be issued upon receipt and verification of serviceable core condition.

RAM Aircraft, LP is a professional and experienced International Shipping Authority, properly certified to handle needed documentation with expedience and with accuracy. In compliance with U.S. Customs & Border Protection, RAM is authorized to prepare Shipping Export Declarations
( SEDs ). In accordance with The Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) RAM is authorized to prepare FAA Approved 8130-1, 2 & -3 forms, initiated and approved by RAM DMIR and DAR authority. RAM ships in accordance with Automated Export System ( AES ). RAM uses the Starship computer software shipping program, and is authorized to prepare Commercial Invoices.

RAM can initiate both Certificates of Origin, and Certificates of Airworthiness. RAM is an FAA - EASA approved aircraft parts supplier. RAM maintains regional Commercial agents to assist in all matters without additional cost to our customers.

International Sales Center Contact Information:
Horst Schoen
atec aviation GmbH & Co. KG
Eekbrook 15 • D-24159 Kiel
Phone: +49 431 247 264 00
Fax: +49 431 247 264 11
E-mail: info@atec-aviation.com
Website: www.atec-aviation.com

International - Add 3%:
Please add 3% to the prices shown in this catalog for additional fees incurred as a result of International handling and aeronautic documentation. Governmental tariffs, special or hazardous materials handling fees are additional. Freight is additional, see below.

Freight and Shipping:
RAM Aircraft makes every effort to ship parts orders the same day when the order is received by 5:00 PM Central Standard Time. Parts are shipped COD if not pre-paid or charged to a credit card. RAM ships parts via UPS and Federal Express. Large items such as propellers and engines are shipped by American Freightway, SAIA, ABF Freight, Yellow Freight, Bax Global, Emery, and Airplane Cargo. Advise RAM of the carrier best suited for your destination.

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