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Image Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft
Cirrus SR22
RAM Overhaul and Improvement Package ( R.O.I. )
Engine - OHE Continental IO-550-N
  • Horsepower - 310 hp
  • TBO 2000 hr.
  • CMG New Steel Cylinders - NE
  • Crankcase - heavy style case - OHE [ with 7th studs on cylinder bases ]
  • Crankshaft - OHE
  • Camshaft - RAM High Efficiency NE
  • Starter and starter drive - OHE
  • Spark plugs - new
  • Magneto harness - CMG - new
  • Magnetos - CMG - NE
  • Fuel injection system - OHE
  • Couplings - induction manifold - new
  • Oil and oil filter - new
  • Oil cooler: Flushed and inspected - exchange
  • Air Filter - RAM - new
  • Metal Baffles - reuse customer's [ refurbished and painted ]
  • Baffle seal kit - new [ RAM SureStand red silicone rubber ]
  • Intercylinder baffles - exchange
    [ refurbished and painted ]
  • Throttle assembly - OHE
  • Throttle gasket - new
  • Hoses - new [ intake manifold to throttle assembly ]
  • Precision balance - exchange
    [ crankshaft and rod sets ]
  • Core Return Policy:
    RAM Exchange Core Policy Below.
  • Also see:
    RAM Value Options & Compliance Items.

OHE = Overhauled Exchange
NE = New Exchange -OEM or PMA
New = New Outright -OEM or PMA
New Items = Subject to test time,
ferry time and inventory time.

Installation Parts - Included
  • Primary fuel and oil hose kits - heavy duty - Teflon™ - new
  • Engine shock mounts - 6 point - new
  • Induction hose - throttle body to induction duct - new
Installation and Set-up
  • Each aircraft receives a detailed preflight and flight inspection to ensure airworthiness and to document performance of instruments, flight controls, landing gear, accessories, lights, and avionics.
  • Discrepancies are brought to customer’s attention. Unairworthy items must be repaired at customer’s expense during RAM proceedings in order for RAM to set up, fly, and deliver the finished product.
  • Old engine is removed. Engine bed is cleaned and inspected. Four hrs. labor is standard.
  • Applicable RAM R.O.I. Installation Parts are installed. Engine installed and set up, involving multiple flights and fuel.
  • Aircraft washed. Interior cleaned prior to delivery and customer acceptance.
Cirrus SR22
One Engine Installed at RAM: $57,796 exchange
  • RAM OHE CMG IO-550-N engine
  • Installation Parts - Included
  • Installation and Set-up
  • Governor - Flush, Reuse Customer's
  • Propeller - Flush, Reuse Customer's
    [ To reuse, propeller and governor must be airworthy. ]
Additional Specification
  • RAM Overhauled Engine TBO Warranty:
    100% Engine and accessories, for the 1st year, or 500-hrs, whichever occurs first.
    Thereafter, the engine only is warranted on a prorata basis to TBO at RAM’s reduced minimum accrual rate of only 30 hours per month, thus extending coverage over four years. For complete details go to www.ramaircraft.com/ramtbowarranty.
  • Exchange Core Policy: Engine, crankcase, crankshaft, internal gears, exhaust, accessories,propeller, governor, and hardware items are only sold on an exchange basis, based upon thecustomer's exchange of like type and normal runout cores as removed from subject aircraft,and serviceable to RAM's overhaul specifications. Cores should be returned within 30 days of RAM OHE engine shipment, or immediately with a RAM installation. Non-serviceable core fees will be due and payable to RAM.
  • Items not included: Vacuum pump, exhaust risers and exhaust parts are not included unless specified by an optional purchase order and a work order supplement issued at the time of engine order placement.
  • Customer - Discuss the following with your RAM Representative before ordering.
    Aftermarket STCs: Engine parts and accessories required by aftermarket STCs such as, but not limited to, turbo normalizing and fuel pump changes, are not included with a RAM OHE engine.
    Aftermarket STC Parts: Substitution or addition of aftermarket parts is an additional charge. Please review with RAM prior to engine overhaul. Pre-shipment of aftermarket cores may be required.
    Fuel System: To ensure selection of the proper fuel system, customer needs to specify the CMG engine specification number when placing an engine order.
Optional Parts and Engine Installation Items
  • For engines with existing 4-point mounts: Add $2,596
  • New 100 amp Alternator Package:
    Hartzell Engine Technologies ES10024 with nut, thrust washer, cotter key, and overhauled alternator drive hub. When purchased with an engine RAM will install for no additional cost. (Retail $2,205) Only when purchased with a RAM engine:
    $1,745 each - Exchange
  • Cylinder Upgrade Options:
    • Upgrade CMG cylinders to nickel: $1,700 per engine.
    • Ask your RAM Representative for current market prices for CMG NiC3 cylinders.
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